Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Celebrated every year on the 3rd Sunday of June, Father’s Day is just a couple of days ahead. But this year it may be different from the way we have been observing it till now due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic may have forced people into quarantine, but that doesn’t mean the festivities on this day will not be observed. With Geek Monkey at your service, you will never have to wait to get inspired by all the unique father’s day gift ideas at your disposal. 

Come what may, a day in honor of every child’s superhero, a father, definitely deserves to be celebrated in a grandeur style. Go ahead, work on every idea that comes to your mind, and make this day as special as can be. Do whatever that makes your dad happy and elated. Pamper him like a kid and give him the most memorable Day-Out. After all, your father is the force behind you and the persona that you characterize. If it weren’t for his untiring efforts and unconditional support, you wouldn’t have been what you are. It’s your Dad’s day; leave no efforts in offering your love and gratitude for his existence in your life. It’s a payback day, and certainly, your father deserves to be treated like a king; so make him one.

Meanwhile, the majority of the areas have been cleared of complete lockdown, and some places are still under strict vigilance. Depending on your geographical location, we have tried to list out ways and means to make your celebration a grand and memorable event, while keeping safety at top priority.

1. Start his morning with a card.

Start your dad’s day with a personalized and hand-made ‘Heart-warming Father’s Day Card’. Put in humor, put in memories; for him to cherish it forever. A card is a great companion of elders during their free moments; give those moments to savor it all their life. Moreover, the card also falls under one of the unique father’s day gift ideas.

2. Surprise him well. 

Do not start his day as the dawn breaks, do not kick start the celebrations early. He has been doing it whole life. Give your dad extra hours to laze around, he deserves everything extra this day. Remember he is the king, so treat him likely. 

3. Start his day with a surprise.

Once the king is upon his throne, offer him his morning tea/coffee with home-baked cookies and pies. Once he is ready and on the go, treat him to his favorite breakfast/brunch, loaded with his choice of eggs, bread, parathas, upma, idli, dosa, and/or anything that he relishes the most. It’s a special day, give it a special start.

4. Take him for an outing. 

If you stay put in a safe zone and your area authorities permit you to move out freely during the day, do not forget to take him on an outing. Take him for a game of golf, or go hiking on his favorite trail, or take him to the waters for fishing or for a boat ride. Make his outing unforgettable. 

5. Make it entertaining.

In case movements are still restricted, then it’s time to organize a family get-together after the king is through with his morning meal. Make sure that his parents and siblings are also a part of this family assembly, along-with his wife and kids. Play games, share stories, crack jokes, make every moment entertaining and memorable for him. And, don’t forget, this one is one of the unique father’s day gift ideas. 

6. Arrange a movie or a comedy show.

Do not forget to arrange a movie or a comedy show of his choice. Make him live his younger days, let him stroll down his memory lanes. Serve your dad’s choice of drink and popcorn during the show for a theatre experience. Enjoy every moment of his choices; make him feel on top of the world. Make sure that the show is full of entertainment and laughter.

7. Plan a family session.

As the sun goes down, it’s time for evening fun. It’s time for another family session over evening coffee and home-baked cake. Do remember to dress up the occasion with celebratory decoration. Leave no stone unturned in treating your dad like an emperor. Make him emotional, make him feel important. Follow the session with barbeque/grills and drinks. Also, make it memorable for him on this father’s day.

8. Organize a dinner.

Spread out a majestic dinner table in honor of your mentor, your inspiration, your father. Tickle his taste buds, treat him to his choices. The table should be laid strictly in accordance with his choice of starters, followed by a variety of his desirable main courses, desserts, and sweets.

9. Play games with him. 

Before calling off the day, your dad deserves another bonding session with all family members. And what better way than playing a variety of games together. Play board games, chess, puzzles, charades, musical chairs, or any game strictly to your dad’s liking and comfort.

10. Pitch a luxury tent. 

Pitch a luxury tent as your king’s rest house, in your backyard or terrace. Let him experience the fun of camping and dancing around the bonfire, all within the comfort of his own home. If possible, spend the night with your superman over his wisdom talks, his achievements and his failures. 

Don’t you think, these are some of the best unique father’s day gift ideas? And, if you have something else in mind, do not forget to watch a creative video that talks about how to blend an existing gift with a new idea. This will make his day and will allow you to be creative and out of the box. So, get going, and make it his best day because, after all, he deserves every bit of it. And, do not forget to check our website for father’s day gifts.