Fantastic Farewell Gifts for a Parting Colleague

When you have shared your valuable moments and experiences, over the years with friends or family members or colleagues, they are bound to become an inherent part of your life. The thought of a dear soul leaving for a new destination or commitment is always difficult. But to make the parting memorable, organize a farewell dinner, exchange gifts and celebrate the times you spent together. Fantastic farewell gifts occupy an integral space in a parting colleague’s life.

Gifting may seem a small gesture but has the capacity to leave a big impact. It is an act of acknowledging and building-up healthier relations and strengthening bonds. Unquestionably, a well thought out gift is an admirable way of expressing love and affection. To put it simply, it makes everyone happy, it helps you stay in someone’s heart and mind. And when a gift is given to a person as a farewell memento, it is bound to leave an impact for life, act as a reminder of your relationship.

The heavy moment created during parting time is comfortably eased with the exchange of gifts. Farewell gifts make the atmosphere cheerful and act as a symbolic expression of your gratitude and concern.

But make no mistake, a well thought out or a personalized farewell gift makes for a wonderful present to be cherished and remembered for life. Choose to your heart’s content, from a huge range only at Geek Monkey. Listed below are hand-picked for your reference. 

1. Stainless Steel Tyre Design Flask

This tire flask is specially designed for the lovers of speed and thrills. Gift this to your friends or loved ones who enjoy hitting the roads more often. This exclusively crafted mug flask, made with high-quality grade stainless steel to last a life-time, is artistically wrapped around with real looking plastic tires, to give it the desired look and act as insulation as well, with an amazing temperature holding capacity. Designed to cater to your daily requirement, this sturdy and durable memento is bound to be your companion at home or on the go. We advise you to order more than one, as it may become difficult for you to part with it. Since this is one of the best fantastic farewell gifts ever for your colleague, you might not want to miss out on this.

2. Pawsome Puppy – LED Night Light

Bidding farewell to a dear friend or colleague or a family member creates an atmosphere of sadness, it makes the heart heavier. But exchanging farewell gifts does the magic of creating an atmosphere of merrymaking. To make the moment memorable, choose a gift wisely. It should be according to the taste and liking of the person who is to be gifted. We understand your concern about choosing an appropriate gift, for the person on the occasion. Do not worry, Geek Monkey is happy to help you out with this hand-picked ‘Pawsome Puppy LED Night Light’. This exceptional is one of the best fantastic farewell gifts that will erase your concern as it connects with every pet lover. What better companion can anyone ask for, than this cute Puppy Night Light? 

3. Wine Dispenser Extinguisher Shape – Cocktail Shaker

This is yet another out of the box offering from Geek Monkey. A unique combination of innovation and utility, fire extinguisher cocktail shaker and the dispenser will definitely knock out all your guests. This masterpiece is an ideal gift for drinks lovers. Add it to your collection and enhance the look of your bar. The dispenser has a capacity of 2 liters, good enough to take care of your personal gatherings and family outings. Use it for hard drinks or soft drinks, whatever your requirement. Do not worry about the quality of the material, the dispenser is made from food-grade material and safe for all kinds of drinks.

Present it as a parting gift to your friend/colleague/family member, and be assured to be remembered for a lifetime. Shake it up, activate the pump and dispense. It is that simple. So, what are you waiting for? Select one of the most fantastic farewell gifts ever and get going.

4. Dreamy Super Hero Travel Pillow with Neck Support

A perfect farewell gift for that special person in your life, who always stood by you in your hour of need. This Super Hero Travel Pillow with Neck Support will certainly compliment your super friend/colleague. The pillow is the right choice for people desirous of a comfortable journey. Take comfortable power naps while on the go or even at work/home. The pillow, filled with cotton fiber material is an ideal companion for traveling professionals and sleepy heads. Be a reason for someone’s energy; gift this perfect protection for neck and head while on the go.

There’s no better way to speak out your appreciation for someone than through this comforting memento. However, if you have something else in mind, scrap it and look for options that are not easy, but rather plan something that requires efforts. That is because anyone would love your efforts rather than getting an expensive gift in the first place. So, think twice and gift your parting colleague one of the fantastic farewell gifts to mark your presence. And, to let them know what they meant is another appreciative move. Moreover, you can check a video on Youtube or any other stream to make the moment more memorable. Check it to get more ideas on how to add to the entire experience.