Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts Everyone Will Appreciate

A party hosted by a person or family on shifting to a new residence is customarily called a house-warming party. It has become a ritual all across the globe to invite relatives and friends to showcase their newly constructed or purchased home. It is generally an informal get-together with near and dear souls. A prayer of thanks-giving kick starts the celebration of the party, where drinks and food are served by the host(s) to the liking and tastes of the guests, and in return, the guests bless the new home and present thoughtful housewarming gifts to furnish the new home.

Gifts, an integral part of a celebration, indeed bring joy and happiness to the occasion and the host. It is an essential tool for bonding between people. Gifts are an expression of affection and help in making people feel special, feel loved. And a gift presented on house-warming is not only treasured for life by the host but also acts as a reminder of your loving presence on his/her special day.

When it comes to gifting an appropriate item, the very thought of choosing one sends shivers down the spine. At times it may seem more difficult than climbing a mountain, but not anymore. Geek Monkey brings to you a wide variety of gift items for the occasion. A few items from our huge range are showcased as under for your reference.

1. Magical Love – 3D Illusion Lamp

In tune with the times, this contemporary piece of memento is an item you would want to gift to your near and dear ones. This Magical Love 3D Illusion Lamp creates a hallucination effect in mid-air. The light flowing out of the frame all around creates an environment of warmth and comfort. It is truly a unique item that is bound to be remembered for a long time. Gift it to your loved one; and be loved for life. Choose between two shapes, cool round for the next-gen and a heart-shaped one for the romantically inclined people. Isn’t this one of the best thoughtful housewarming gifts you have ever seen?

2. Globe Shaped Liquid Dispenser 

This unconventional piece of workmanship is candidly a work of art, par excellence. It is exceptionally an innovative way to describe the planet, the sustainer of life. The Globe Shaped Liquid Dispenser is an ideal companion of thirst buds. Store and dispense your favorite drinks at home, during family or friends gatherings, or carry it along on outings and picnics. This thirst-quenching memento will always remind one and all, of how our earth has been delivering life, unconditionally. Gift it to your loved ones and make them feel on top of the world.

Made of food-grade material, it is safe storage for dispensing water, juices, cocktails, mocktails, and hard drinks.

Use! Decorate! Flaunt!

3. Kitchen Clock | Pan Wall Clock – Kitchen Decor 

A housewarming party will always pass through a kitchen. A kitchen is to a home, what a heart is to a body. A kitchen is a highlighter of every home, and ‘Pan Wall Clock’ highlights the kitchen. Known as one of the worthwhile thoughtful housewarming gifts, this particular one makes your best place even better.

Geek Monkey brings to you a show-stopper for your wall, a captivating offer for your kitchen; Frying Pan Shaped Wall Clock. A frying pan converted to a wall clock with cutlery as its arms, it truly is an accomplishment in itself. It enhances your kitchen beauty, flaunts, and makes people jealous of this amazing offering from Geek Monkey. Choose between black, red, or white color, as your wall desires. Order this housewarming gift now and avoid the inconvenience of stock running out.

4. Our Little Garden – String Art Name Plate

The joy and satisfaction of owning a house is an experience that can never be equated with any other achievement of life. A humble abode, an effort of a life-time, is incomplete without a plate on the outside of the house displaying names of proud owners.

‘String Art Name Plate’ from Geek Monkey, will definitely compliment your sweet home. This handmade nameplate will give you a satisfying experience and add to the look of your house.

The names displayed on custom-sized walnut brown boards in large acrylic fonts, with a string made mason-jar accompanied by flowers and adorned by fairy lights, will give your home the look of a Little Garden. Choose your own color if you want.

5. Hold me High – Golden Metal Planter – Set of 2

A home is certainly a getaway destination, a place where you forget the pressures and pains of this fast-paced world. Just the thought of stepping into your sweet home after a hard day is enough to give a relaxed feeling to the mind and soul.

Make it healthier and soothing with greenery indoors. Bring home these Elegant Golden Metal Planters and get a feel of the garden inside your house. Decorate your living room; adorn your bedroom with them. The zero maintenance and easy to clean removable pots make for an excellent housewarming gift for the host on house-warming.

Moreover, if you like all the mentioned thoughtful housewarming gifts, do not forget to place your order. And, if you are looking to customize and personalize the experience a little bit, do not hesitate to look for a video to make things easier.