4 Fun Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids are adorable, kids are lovable. We all love kids. Don’t we? We love them as parents, as elder siblings, and we even love the kid present deep inside in each one of us. Kids are a divine blessing sent down to us to enjoy and live a life. A life, devoid of hatred and prejudice, a life full of love and affection. A kid reminds us of our childhood and all the memorable moments we enjoyed. A mere presence of a child in our lives motivates us to relive our yesteryears, forces us to be a kid once again. So, here we have some of the fun gift ideas for kids that you can choose from.

If a child has the charisma to inspire us to re-invent ourselves, we also have a responsibility towards them. We need to pay them back with unconditional love and guidance during their growing and formative years. We are duty-bound to present them a role model, for which we need to spend time with them, we need to be them. And to help them grow into better beings, one of the better ways is to regularly present them with gifts and toys of their interests/likings which they can relate to and grow up with.

Geek Monkey understands children’s tastes and offers an inexhaustible range of kids’ stuff. A range so wide, it’ll keep them wanting for more. A few items are showcased under for your reference, with the quality and assurance of value for money.

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1. Robot Coin Bank (3 in 1) – Robot with Rhymes, Coin Bank, Desk Light


We all want our kids to grow with learning and achieve wisdom. Surely this is what everyone is desirous for their child. Geek Monkey brings you this multi-tasking, battery-operated robotic present for your kid; a true companion in his/her growing up years. Your kid is bound to love it and its company. This cool Robot Coin Bank offers unconditional friendship, performs various tasks for your kids. Now isn’t it one of the fun gift ideas for kids?

It imparts education through a variety of nursery rhymes during your kid’s formative years, it enables them to develop a savings habit through its password-protected coin bank that automatically rolls in money and also offers LED lighting facility and moving arms to bring ease and fun in doing school and activity work. It is that ideal partner for a child, whose company will always be desired by one and all. Gift your kid this elegant companion and light him/her up with life.

2. Break a Leg-Iron Man Dance Robot

This Iron Man Dancing Robot is another desirous companion for your kid. Iron man is a symbol of power, intelligence, and a savior. It is one of that immensely popular super-hero, a child will always treasure. The character of iron man teaches the power of wisdom and intellect overall prevalent powers. The bravery and never give up the persona of the Iron Man motivates in developing the fighting spirit, required to face and defeat the challenges of life.

Let your kid grow into a charming person, heroic and helping like this superhuman. Is he not what we all want our children to be? Grab it before it’s gone, and make the most of this one, since it is one of the fun gift ideas for kids.

3. Harry Potter Theme Playing Cards

Kids are certainly going to love it. Harry Potter Playing Cards have been specially designed for all the potter-heads in the family. The set of cards is a great companion of kids during their leisure time. It helps them spend quality time with their friends. All those desirous of building an empathetic and a lovable character in their child will definitely love this for their kid. This set of beautifully crafted playing cards will bring to life many characters your child always dreamt of. Give your child the company of Harry Potter, Voldemort, Granger, Malfoy, Weasley, Hagrid, and a whole lot of others, and make his/her day. No matter what, these fun gift ideas for kids are surely going to make your child’s day.

4. Ride on Kids Suitcase


The desire to grow up and own a vehicle of choice is common amongst all kids of the millennium. Since an early age, today’s kids are fancied by 2-wheelers and their rides. No matter what, if a kid is given a choice for a ride around neighborhood/town, all other matters are put to rest. Understanding this aspiration of kids, the world-over, Geek Monkey offers a satisfying proposition for your new generation kid, a Skootcase! a scooter shaped suitcase. What else could your child ask for?  It will definitely make him happy beyond limits; make him feel on top of the world. And when it’s gonna be travel time with family, be prepared for your child to act like a star with all his personal belongings for the trip, stacked up in his skootcase.

Be assured, with Ride-on Kids Suitcase as a companion, your kid will leave no stone unturned in showing-off. Be ready to meet a new kid, in your kid. 

So, make the most of these fun gift ideas for kids, and let your kid know what he/she means to you. Moreover, you can also add a sweet little surprise for them along with the gift. But, for that, you might have to check out a video or two.