Unique Gifts for Raksha Bandhan & Bhai Dooj

Festivals in India are a celebration of customs, rituals, and togetherness. They play a pivotal role in building a better society, where relations bond and values flourish. There are numerous festivals observed in India, but Raksha Bandhan is one that is celebrated with a lot of zest and where love prevails in abundance between sisters and brothers. Its rituals may differ from region to region but the celebrations carry the same aura all across. This day, brothers take a vow to protect their sisters from all odds, for their entire life. Raksha Bandhan is a bond of love, a knot of protection, a symbol of one of the most beautiful emotion in humans. And this expression of emotion is carried forward to many levels when gifts for Raksha Bandhan are exchanged between sisters and brothers as it plays an integral part in an interactive bonding between siblings.

So what are you going to gift your sister/brother this Raksha Bandhan? How are you going to make her/him feel special? If you haven’t yet decided, don’t worry. We have shortlisted a few mementos from our wide range, to help you in choosing an ideal gift for your sibling.

1. One in a Million Mosaic Photo Frame – Customized Design

gifts for Raksha Bandhan

Growing up with a sibling is indeed a blessing from God. Each and every moment spent with your sister/brother over fights, over rivalry, over games, will always be fondly remembered and cherished as beautiful memories, entire life. We all have gone through various moments during our growing up phase with our siblings, but there will always be one occasion/experience which will stand out as a favorite. Freeze that moment forever. 

A beautiful mosaic frame is an ideal gift to capture that very moment. Frame your picture or a collection of pictures with your sister/brother on that special occasion in this customized mosaic photo frame. This exquisite, square-shaped mosaic frame can accommodate 20-30 pictures in the background. Adorn it on the wall or place it by your bed-side. It will surely bring back to life that special childhood moment of yours. Cry, if you want to; our frame is bound to moisten your eyes. Moreover, it is one of the best gifts for Raksha Bandhan.

2. Forever Love Charms Leather Bracelet for Brother

gifts for Raksha Bandhan

The love between sister and brother has no boundary. The bond between them cannot be defined or explained, it can only be felt. For a sister, the love of a brother, as a protector, as a provider is unconditional, simply divine. A brother’s love for his sister is forever until the last breath. Tell your brother that you love him equally. Convey this message to your brother through this fashion accessory, forever love charms leather bracelet with metal charms. This is one of the unique gifts for Raksha Bandhan, dressed with your abundant love and affection will leave him spell-bound. Go ahead, make him feel special, give him a reason to flaunt your love, and the accessory as well.

3. Customized String Art in India | Personalized Gift Idea

gifts for Raksha Bandhan

String art, a poetic expression of thoughts, magically arranged on wooden board with colorful strings. The artistic arrangement of strings to create a personalized design is indeed mesmerizing. Speak out your idea or requirement and we will create a pattern of your choice. 

If you need to gift this art-work to your sister/brother on Raksha Bandhan, choose from a range of various geometric patterns, messages, structures to your sibling’s photo artwork. We can customize it the way you want to. Furthermore, this is a unique Bhai Dooj Gift.

Go ahead, speak out your affection, express your gratitude to your sibling, in a poetic way. Wear it on the wall or display it on a table, whichever way you like. Indeed it’s an object of desire, a possession to flaunt. 

4. Veer Ji Tussi Great Ho Mug

Just try going back in time, and recall your childhood days when you were growing up under the protection and shadow of your elder brother. Remember those days when you lived without fear because you had a superhero at home, your elder brother. Your brother may have forgotten his unconditional support and protection for you during those growing up days, it is impossible for the younger sibling to forget his superman. 

If you haven’t the right words to tell your elder brother how much he means to you, don’t worry, Geek Monkey brings to you ‘Veer Ji Tussi Great Ho Mug’ for your brother. Present him with this ideal gift to express your love and gratitude for all that he has done for you, helped you, protected you, and was always around when you needed him. A hug and a MUG is all that is required to make him feel special. Go ahead, gift him the Mug on Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Dooj as this is a fantastic Bhai Dooj Gift. And, if you want to add something else to the whole experience, you can check some videos on Youtube to check what all you can do with a single mug.

5. Pawsome Puppy – LED Night Light

The exchange of gifts for Raksha Bandhan strengthens relationships. Remember to choose a gift wisely, it should complement the person who is to be gifted. If the gift does not connect with the recipient, it might end up as a wasteful gesture. No worries, Geek Monkey brings to you this hand-picked item, ‘Pawsome Puppy LED Night Light’, a gift item that is loved and appreciated by one and all. 

This exclusive memento connects immediately with every pet lover. A dog is a man’s best friend and a companion for life, and so is this Puppy Night Light. Present this adorable gift it to your adorable sister/brother this Raksha Bandhan and light up her/his bedside moments each day, in your remembrance. You can also search for more gifts on our website.