Be Vocal for Local

The Prime Minister Modi’s call for ‘Be vocal for local’ is primarily based on reforms agenda of Narasimha Rao and Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s infrastructure focus. The appeal to the citizens of the country is to address serious lacunae hampering India’s growth story. The weaknesses are critical, more so in the present global crisis. It is a call for self-renewal and about the precise portrayal of India’s growth, post-COVID-19. PM Modi has emphasized new globalization which needs to be human-driven. He is a vocal leader and always expressing distinctly his thoughts and ideas on a post-corona world and the role India would play.

‘Be Local for Vocal’ could be a turn-around in shaping a new world order post the corona pandemic. India, a nation of youths, and their enthusiasm for innovation have all the possibilities to restructure the framework of globalization. India can emerge as the global center of supply chains in the post-COVID-19 world. His call for being ‘vocal on the local’ has given the first propulsion towards seizing that opportunity.

PM’s Message

PM Modi’s message comes at a very crucial juncture when the country is going through tough times of a pandemic and economic uncertainty. The call aims at self-reliability and its successful emergence from the challenges.

The campaign ‘Be Indian Buy Indian’ will encourage all Indians to buy ‘Made in India’ products. It will also encourage citizens to look for Made in India tags just as they check expiry dates and price of items before buying any product. This simple principle beyond any doubt and if followed will help the country rebuild its economy and become self-reliant.

Geek Monkey

The need of the hour is to formulate and execute the plans of actions, at the earliest. The state governments need to support the central government and expedite all the required procedures that are needed. They should all collectively ensure a smooth transition of the processes needed towards the building of a new and self-reliant nation.

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Moreover, the availability options speak for the vocal for local trends. If your parents’ anniversary is coming up or someone is throwing a birthday party and getting married, you have a wide array of choices to choose the best present from. Furthermore, it is vital for any consumer to build something locally and support local firms like this and choose to trade within the local boundaries. Also, note that the delivery options available for the gifts you order depend on the zone you’re living amid. Since the government has strict rules for containment zones, the deliveries might get a bit delayed, but we’ll make sure that the gifts reach you within the designated time.

India’s Mindset on Vocal for Local

India’s mindset needs to be changed rapidly towards self-reliance. A prosperous India is what every citizen requires and should work towards it. We all need to overcome the challenges that may come up. Remember that without a self-reliant Indian, a self-reliant India is not possible.

Given India’s social and political history, self-reliant India may seem unrealistic and far-fetched. But the current COVID-19 crisis may act as a catalyst towards the achievement of laid out goals of the central government. On the other hand, the citizens of the country have stepped up shoulder to shoulder with the government. And, that too to provide aid to the fellows in distress by providing food and other basic essentials. 

Local For Vocal is a movement

Now is the hour for the government to be pro-active. In a nation where the majority of the population belongs to the middle and lower class, it would be an encouraging move. A move that would make the government come out with an offer of support to the disadvantaged population. It also needs to speed up the structural reforms that would enable the increase in investments and entrepreneurship in job-oriented sectors. The government also needs to recognize that lower tax rates will lead to higher revenues. It also needs to take care of the developmental barriers like poor infrastructure and archaic legal system. These eventually will lead to difficulty in doing business in the majority of the states.

Final Thoughts

In support of his call for “Local”, the Prime Minister has made it clear that he is ever committed. Committed, to removing all hurdles before local entrepreneurs and would also attract a share of the global players. Covid-19 has given the world an opportunity to carry out changes, they had dreamt of. India should make the best use of this opportunity. And with the country, it is a citizen’s responsibility to make the undone happen. Not only will it start a whole new movement but it will also push and promote the local vendors and businesses like Geek Monkey to grow and flourish. So, it is your chance, go out, place your order, and get tantalizing gifts from But, in case you want to watch the glorified points laid down by the Prime Minister of the Nation himself, you can go ahead and watch it on Youtube.