Vocal For Local Gift Items

Vocal for local is a fight against the pandemic COVID-19 as well. It is an effort by the government which should be ably supported by each citizen. Let us all pledge to do our bit in contributing to the fight. Let us all promote awareness and stand firmly with the government, in its effort to bring the nation out of pandemic and economic turmoil.

Looking at the turn of events during the lockdown period, and after taking note of the contribution of the local players in making good the essential supplies to the masses; and the failure of established business houses and MNCs to make their contribution during the crisis, this initiative by the government is a far-sighted approach and the requirement of the time to open up the economy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to ‘go vocal for local’ is a bull’s eye.

1. Artsy Ganesha Statue | Peace and Harmony

Bring blessings into your life, bring Ganesha into your home. The presence of Lord Ganesha will undoubtedly inspire you to follow a simple and easy lifestyle. Ganesha is an institution, who teaches us to think differently, look beyond horizons, and overcome all challenges life could throw at us. Nothing starts without his name and mention, be it a new year, festivities or celebrations. 

Geek Monkey brings to you Artsy Lord Ganesha for your salvation. Beautifully handcrafted with brick pattern effect, this statue of the Lord will also add elegance to your home decor. Brighten yourself up each day with Ganesha in your life. Embrace divinity, the God of all good beginnings, and the harbinger of harmony. Get one for yourself and/or gift to your loved ones.

2. Lego Blocks Notebook Diary

Remember Lego bricks blocks the kids have always loved to play with and which undoubtedly added creativity in their life. Geek Monkey offers you an indigenously designed Lego Blocks Notebook Diary especially for the kids and grown-ups as well. An ideal companion of adults and growing kids to pen their stories, scribble ideas, or write secrets. A companion which also reminds you of those playing years with Lego blocks. Indeed, this is the best under vocal for local gifts.

The Lego designed Silicone Cover on the notebook adds strength and durability to this beautiful diary. It also becomes easy to clean when dirty. Just wipe with a damp cloth and it’s as good as new. The colorful latches add a stunning look to the detachable cover, which empowers you to create different looks every day.

It is also an ideal gifting option. 

3. All Rounder – A 4 in 1 speaker, frame, clock and lamp

Choosing a gift for someone or looking for an appropriate utility for self can be a herculean task at times. It is like climbing a steep cliff without support. Not anymore with this unique offer from Geek Monkey. It is aptly called an all-rounder because it has a speaker, a photo-frame, a clock and a lamp amalgamated in a box, especially for the likes of out of the box minds.

This all-rounder will frame and light up your old picturesque memories and serve as your bed/desk clock.  The speaker system with wireless remote is designed to play your music preferences through Bluetooth, USB, Aux cable connectivity, and memory card.

It is truly an object of desire. Choose it to own one or gift it on special occasions. 

4. Thank You Mother – Personalized Mother Nest Lamp

Every void, every space can be filled, but the love of a mother is so divine and deep that it cannot be equated with the likes of anything in this world. Mother’s love is beyond any comprehension and boundaries. An untiring soul and a true example of selfless existence, a mother pours her life out for her children.

No one can payback a mother. Just pamper her whenever you can, shower your love on her and always keep her happy and cheerful. Express your gratitude towards her, convey that she means the world to you with this lovable memento, personalized mother’s nest lamp. The glowing egg in a nest will surely convey your message that she is the reason for your existence.

Put it on her bedside and be in her heart forever. Because that’s what we believe when we promote the vocal for local process

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest trends in today’s social media and the market is the promotion of vocal for local vendors and businesses. But, before understanding the basic notion of this, you need to understand how it works and what all can you order. Geek Monkey, however, offers the best deals when it comes to a wide range of gifting items. Be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and personalized occasions, you have everything to choose from. 

So, next time you go ahead and plan on buying something for your loved ones, check our vocal for local gift items that are listed below, but you can also go in for more gifts that you will find on our personalized gifting list. Furthermore, if you would want to understand more about what the Prime Minister of India said on promoting vocal for local, you can check it on Youtube. So, that’s it guys. Place your orders today and buy vocal for local gift items in no time because deliveries are open and running.