Amazing Gifts To Make Father’s Day Special

Father’s day is just around the corner. It’s a date that is eagerly awaited by kids to celebrate “Dad’s Day Out.” Celebrate this day with lots of surprises and gifts for the miserly old man, who avoided spending, even a penny on himself because he had a family to support, he had to give them the best of this world. Just overlook his discomfort on any money being spent on him. All dads are alike and are rightly so. Beware, do not fall to his antics and pressures; he is the one to be pressurized, to live the day. A father does not live a life for himself, never will want any burden on his kids. Make sure that he lives every moment this father’s day. Make you of the amazing gifts to make father’s day special.

This day comes once in a year to give back to your dad, do it with compassion and style. Treat him like a king, prepare cuisines for him, spend quality moments with him, do whatever comes to your mind to make him feel special, but do not forget to gift him something that he can cherish all his life.

To ease the burden of choosing a memento for your father, Geek Monkey has short-listed the following from its in-exhaustive range of pocket-friendly gift items.

1. Frosty Double Wall Beer Mug

Surprise your dad with a thought-out memento for him on Father’s Day. This insulated beer mug, with a 400 ml capacity, is an ideal gift to give to your father. A chilled beverage makes for an amazing chit-chat session with friends and family. The double walls of the mug with insulation in between provides just the right amount of temperature control for the drink to be enjoyed without the worry of it getting warm and weak. 

You just need to refrigerate this father’s day special mug overnight for it to be used the next day. It also assures that the beverage is enjoyed in its original form, without having to dilute it with ice. Your old man is going to flaunt it whenever he gets the opportunity. 

2. Thor Hammer Lighter Keychain | USB Charging

On this special day, “Father’s Day”, do not burden yourself with the pressure of choosing a gift for your super-hero, your dad. Geek Monkey brings to you USB rechargeable “Mjölnir shaped – The Hammer of Thor keychain lighter” for the one worthy of owning it, your father. Let him feel the power of Thor in his hands. This is one of the amazing gifts to make father’s day special. The combination of a keychain and butt lighter makes it a much sought after utility item, that keeps your keys handy and also lights up your urge, whenever required.

It comes in a small and cute gift box but leaves a big impact on the recipient of this memento. 

3. Wine Dispenser Extinguisher Shape – Cocktail Shaker

Geek Monkey brings you another unique piece of the gift item to surprise your dad on Father’s Day. Fire extinguisher styled cocktail shaker and pressurized dispenser is bound to knock over all your dad’s friends and guests. This innovatively designed father’s day special masterpiece is surely an object of desire, to adorn your bar collection. The dispenser comes with a large capacity of 2 liters, enough to mix your cocktails and mock-tails. Shake it up, activate the pump and dispense. Isn’t the cocktail shaker one of the best amazing gifts to make father’s day special.

Do not worry about the safety of the material. The dispenser is made from food-grade material and is completely safe on your drinks and also keeps them fresh. You can also use the dispenser for wine, beer, whiskey, vodka, almost all hard drinks, and even soft drinks as well. Use it in your bar, at the barbeque parties, on picnics and outings, wherever you want to. 

4. Dreamy Super Hero Travel Pillow with Neck Support

Just as the superheroes battle evil to save the world, our dads belong to the same breed of beings who are battling out their entire life just to keep us safe and secure. He is a warrior who is always on the run to keep his family together and reach out to their needs. And what better way to make him feel comfortable loved and special than by gifting him a lifeline, the superhero pillow with neck support.

The pillow is just what your dad may require as a companion. It can be used for power naps or a sound sleep, while at home, at work or on the go. Even a superhero requires rest, and this item just delivers that. Filled with cotton fiber material and is ideal for sleep-deprived souls.

Gift one to your dad this father’s day, let him be energetic all throughout. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the amazing gifts to make father’s day special. Moreover, it is necessary to make your old man feel elated on his special day. You can even cook or do something really special for him in order to make him feel special at all times throughout the day. Watch a video on several recipes that your father would like. After all, he deserves more than what you already have in mind for him.