Quarantine Father’s Day Ideas to Give Him the Celebration He Deserves

If there is Heaven under your mother’s feet, then your father is undoubtedly its gateway. Nothing less can be written in a father’s description. As the backbone is to a body, the father is to a family. He is indeed one of the finest creations of God. He is an inexhaustible support system to his children, first love of daughters, and best friend of sons. The best guide, the most reliable shoulder, is indeed what a father is. Thus, the least that we can do is give him the celebration he deserves for father’s day.

Recent studies have shown that fathers are playing a major role in reducing behavioral and psychological problems in growing children. A father’s involvement in his children’s growing up years has helped increase their social stability, educational achievements and their potential to have a better professional and marital life.

10 Quarantine Father's Day Ideas to Give Him the Celebration He Deserves

Although it may be customary to celebrate Father’s Day once a year, a father demands much more than that. He should be celebrated each day, each moment because his existence ensures that the family exists. A father is destined not to fall sick, not to tire because he has to keep his family going. Such is his persona.

Even if it is advocated to remember a father each day, but giving him the celebrations that he deserves on this day with pomp and show on the customary date will always be welcomed warmly. It is the least that can be done for him.

Make The Most In This Lockdown Period

On normal days, you could celebrate with a lot of fun-filled activities indoors and outdoors. You could treat him to his favorite games, sumptuous cuisines, family movie, or take him on an outing to a theme park. But this year it’s going to be different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The severity of the contagion has forced the people to stay indoors, away from social gatherings. Come whatever circumstances, quarantine father’s day surely deserves to be celebrated in a big way. Even though we all are observing a complete lockdown, it does not take away our will to make the day very special for that very special person called Dad. So, go ahead, work on the listed ideas this quarantine, and make your father feel loved and appreciated. Plan him the best celebration he deserves for his role in the family. Moreover, you can even think of buying him a worthwhile present from the wide selection brought forward by Geek Monkey.

1. Start your Dad’s day with his favorite breakfast, befitting a king.

Treat him to a variety meal, loaded with his choice of eggs and your hand-baked bread along-with his favorite mock-tails. After all, it’s his day and you have all the reasons to make it special for him.

2. Plan family game/games.

Plan games on the lawns or at the terrace, whatever place is best available this quarantine father’s day. Let your dad pick the games. The family needs to give it back to him, after all its payback time. Make every aspect of the game entertaining for him, and make sure that he wins the session. Bond with him likes never before.

3. Organize drinks rendezvous.

You can plan this during or after the games session. Make sure to stock up all his favorite drinks. Ask him to speak out his stories over the drinks. He will love to share his experiences with his loved ones, his family. Don’t forget the barbeque.

4. Arrange a movie show for him at your home theatre.

Give him a range to pick his choice of movies to watch. Let him go down his memory lane. Enjoy every moment of the show with your dad. Make him feel wanted, make him feel elated. Serve his choice of popcorn for that theater-like experience. This will surely make his quarantine father’s day a special one.  

5. After the movie, treat him to his favorite comedy show.

Make his day entertaining and full of laughter. You can also organize a family comedy session filled with hilarious jokes and comic moments.   Believe it, this is going to make your dad younger and energetic. Nothing is better than a good laughing session with your loved ones.

6. Towards the evening, treat your dad to his favorite home-baked cake.

Do not forget to dress the evening with the decorations which should be in accordance with his liking. Steal his heart. Make him emotional. There should be no compromise in the celebration he deserves.

7. Plan a session of wisdom.

Invite your father as a chief guest to a function. Ask him to share his achievements and failures in life. Achievements can make us happy, but failures educate us to wisdom. This session will let your dad relive his memories and help you in your future endeavors in life. And who better person to learn from than Dad.

8. Walk the talk with your dad.

quarantine father's day

Walk with him in the lawns, or on the terrace. Make sure there aren’t any disturbances around. Speak out your heart with him. He is not only your dad, but he is also the best friend one can ever have. Poke him, take advice, plan out future, and whatever that comes to mind. Just talk and talk.

9. Treat him to a dinner of his choices.

Leave no stone unturned in preparing his favorite dishes. He is the king and his table should be laid in a majestic style. Serve the king his choice of starters, followed by a variety of main courses and desserts. To get it without any delay, plan the dinner beforehand. You can plan it by looking up for some recipe videos on YouTube itself.

10. Retire your king for the day in style.

Make a grand king-size tent in the lawns or backyard for him to call the day off. Moreover, equip the arrangement with all the comforts that are available at hand. Make his night the experience of a lifetime.

Final Thoughts 

quarantine father's day

Hence, if you are running short of ideas thinking about what you should be doing this quarantine father’s day, I guess we’ve got it sorted for you. Just make the best of it and lighten up all your creative sides to give him one amazing experience.