5 things to do for your friends in lockdown

Have you ever wondered how would the world be if it wasn’t for friends? Before the outbreak of coronavirus, did you ever think for a second that you wouldn’t be able to meet your pal for a good amount of days? Well, we weren’t prepared for anything or we rather ran away from the very reality. Looking at the virus from a civilian’s perspective, it has brought all of to a stand-still. Nearly everyone around the world has come under the knife of this virus, which is showing no signs of fading away anytime soon. However, there are still some of the things to do for your friends in lockdown.

While you are maintaining social distance with everyone outside the walls of your house, you can still think of the most beautiful things to do with your best buds. It’s not necessary for you to meet them, but rather make full use of the resources around you. One of the best resources that you’re equipped with is technology. So, let’s take a look at some of the things you can plan for the friends in lockdown.

Do a video catch up.

Whenever you get a chance to catch up with someone, opt for that friend with whom you’ve lost touch. Chat with someone who won’t be expecting your message or call. The best thing you can do to them is a video call and talk about the time you guys have lost in between. Ask them about what’s happening in their life and how is life treating them. At times, the quarantine period can be a bit agitating and irritating at the same time. But, video calling and getting to see someone close after a long time is a blissful experience on its own.

So, hurry up adhere to some of the things to do for your friends in lockdown. And most importantly, do a video call with them.

Make a customized playlist for them.

Music has its own language and it speaks volumes. At times, a particular song reminds you of the moments you have spent with your friend. Be it your best friend, a childhood friend who’s not in touch or simply someone you knew, they all connect somehow, when you listen to specific songs.

But, for your friends in lockdown, you can simply create your jam and give it a shape of a customized playlist. All you have to do is download the Spotify app on your mobile, make a playlist for your friend, and present it to him or her either on the eve of their special day or simply as it is. Not only will this gesture make them elated but it would mean a lot to them.

Play an online game with your friend.

For gamers and geeks, one thing that you must not miss out on is the opportunity of playing an online game with someone you talk to. A friend can be your perfect counterpart in an online game. You can also plan on playing a game that has an enabled mic feature so that you can communicate and play at the same time. This option is right up there in ‘things to do for your friends in lockdown’.

While many people prefer to play on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, it’s not necessary for you to play something on them. You can search for online games on Google and download them on your smartphones. Remember to schedule a particular time. You can even play with several friends at the same moment. Not only would it make you rejoiced about the moment, but will also allow you to have the best of moments with your pals.

Motivate a friend.

There are so many ways to motivate people nowadays. Either you can uplift your friend’s mood or can ask him or her to work out online. If you’re thinking how will that be possible, then, know that you can do an online working out session with each other. So, get your mats out, place your smartphones, and get going.

It is quite important to motivate your pal, thus planning things to do for your friends in lockdown is no less than a treat. Moreover, there are many ways to help your friend who’s knocked down with pressure and ailments. All you have to do is, call him or her up and talk about the days you spend together – be it college, school, or little moments of joy. You can make them feel valued and important through such small gestures.

Prepare a virtual dinner party with friends.

It’s normal to organize dinner parties at your friends’ place with everyone invited, but have you ever thought about calling everyone for a virtual dinner event? Some of you might be thinking as to how is it even possible to organize something like that. Well, select one recipe and perform a stab at cooking it.

Think, that you are in a restaurant or a cafe ordering the same food and having a little chit-chat with each other. It is the same here as well. The only difference is that you all will be in front of the camera, watching each other enjoy the same meal. In addition, you can make this treat a worthwhile experience if you plan on bringing all your friends in lockdown together with some of the amazing gifts by Geek Monkey. Even if the delivery is restricted and limited to some areas, you can still wait for everything to open and make the most of it.