Stoned Lockdown-3 – Mukesh Sati

Stoned Lockdown-3

“When I read about the evils of drinking I gave up reading” –Henry Youngman.

It was absolutely shocking to see the pics and videoclips of long queues around the liquor shops nationwide, after giving little bit slack in Lockdown-3. Although it is irony as well as compulsion of the government to grant permission in order to collect the revenues. The biggest point raise why the people are rushing towards alcohol? Why is it so appealing? Why everything takes backseat for an alcoholic even basics of life? Before throwing lights on its damaging effects, let’s focus on it’s pleasurable aspects.

Alcohol and Dopamine 

Alcohol causes the brain reward system to release the motivational chemical, Dopamine. Infact dopamine is a neurotransmitter-a chemical messenger that carries signal between brain cells, communicates information throughout the body.Dopamine plays many important roles in the body, affecting moods, memories and sensations of the pleasure and pain. The chemical is also involved in movements, motivation and reinforcement.

Drinking initially boosts a person’s dopamine level but over the time, chronic drinking actually depletes the amount of dopamine. Brain adapts to the dopamine overload with continue alcohol use, leading to addiction. So, for instant pleasurable experience, people rush for alcohol.

Alcohol is an anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life – Anonymous 

Damaging Aspects 
In brief, summary of its damaging effects :-

  • It gives you hangover
  • It makes you feel tired
  • It has effects on your appearance
  • It creates dependency
  • Blackouts (Memory loss)
  • Behavior changes
  • Shrinking of brain
  • Prone to cancers
  • Chronic liver inflammation
    Heart issues
  • Digestive system issues (Gas, bloating, feeling of fullness etc.)
  • Weakening of defensive mechanism
  • Depression

7 Ways to Increase Dopamine Naturally 

  1. Eat food rich in Tyrosine (Almond, bananas,eggs,beans,fish,chicken)
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Get a massage
  4. Avoid stress and have a sound sleep
  5. Listen to music
  6. Go green
  7. Meditation( only and permanent alternative of all kinds of drugs)

One might say that consuming it in moderation is not bad, well, yes, but still it has little effects on the health. Avoid it completely.
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