Lockdown 3.0 – Plan your birthdays in advance

The sound of birthday carols, anniversary greetings, family functions, and literally all celebrations have halted, owing to the outbreak of coronavirus all across the globe. It’s time we stay aloof and celebrate these occasions with the people in the house only. Thus, you can plan your birthdays in advance so that you can have a blasting party after it all goes well.

As we all know that suddenly the whole human race has come to a stand-still. Everything has been locked up and is stagnant at its base; except our beautiful Nature which is under its healing process. The pandemic started on a very scary note, shook our existence, and confined all of us behind the walls. The unending rat race that we were running, the competition that we were chasing, the love for all material affairs came crashing down like a pile of cards.

birthday gift

To flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to stay indoors. And for which Lockdown 3.0, an extension of another two weeks, has been implemented across the country. But the good news is that it comes with a ‘few’ relaxations for business activities. This strictly adheres to the guidelines of the health authorities and the government. Your co-operation during the preceding lockdowns has given us an opportunity to start serving you again.

As the relaxations are limited, our deliveries could face some challenges, so you are requested to plan your celebrations in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Further are a  few details for you to understand how we have been affected in terms of our services:

1. Slow delivery process

Since the virus spreads through touch, there are certain restrictions on the logistics. Strict guidelines have been formulated for your safety. We need to take extra care in complying with the directives so that we deliver you safely, for which your co-operation is requested. The delivery process might be hampered in comparison with earlier times because of limited available resources. We would like you to plan your birthdays in advance and book your orders with us as early as possible so that it reaches you and/or your dear ones, well in time. 

2. Plan your gifts in advance

As already mentioned, the government restrictions also apply to the production aspects as well. The minimum amount of the workforce is permitted in the units because physical distancing has to be maintained very strictly. Also, the production and dispatching of your favorite gifts might take longer than earlier, for which you are advised to plan your gifts early so that we are enabled to deliver on time. Its anyway better to plan the celebrations in advance to picture your perfect party.

birthday in lockdown  

3. Check our list of birthday gifts

Nothing beats a warm hug to your dear one on his/her special occasion. Well, you have to wait for some time till the lockdown is over. But in the meantime make him/her feel special by sending them gifts through Geek Monkey. Our prime motive is your satisfaction. Our team is constantly working towards providing you with the best products and services. We have also categorized our range of gifts according to the occasions for you, so as to assist you in selecting your choices.

We at Geek Monkey value your precious time and are committed to providing you with an ease of the process of selection. Just visit our page, select your choice of a birthday gift from our birthday section, finalize and place the order, so that you can plan your birthdays in advance. It is our endeavor to make your life simple, yet memorable. So let’s keep the positivity flowing even in such sad times by these beautiful gifts for you and your loved ones. 

4. The situation will get better

Don’t worry, there’s light on the other side of the tunnel. Darkness is only momentary and an indication of brightness ahead. So cheer up and live life in a new format. Let us not focus on the occurrence of the pandemic situation and its global effects as highlighted by the media. Instead, we should grab this lockdown opportunity to reinvent ourselves, consolidate our relationships, and prepare for the new ‘NORMAL’ when the situation eases.

Just pick up a new canvas and paint your life, anew. Surely, the future is destined to be better, only if you want it to be. Let’s utilize the time we have in doing things that we never got to do. Just plan your birthdays in advance and make the most descriptive lists of ideas that can be incorporated in a bost lockdown celebration party. 

5. Staying positive in times of lockdown 3.0

plan your birthdays in advance

Do whatever you plan to do during lockdown 3.0, but being positive should be your top priority. A positive mind towards this quarantine period will not only help you sail through smoothly but will also help you keep fit and less susceptible to this pandemic. Positivity is a state, which supports winning all battles, all wars.

Celebrations are a mode of cheering us up and bringing us all together. Thus, think and plan about these celebrations in advance and attract in all the positivity and happiness to yourself. Look forward to beautiful days and healthy get together once we all get through this together. The best part is yet to come! When the lockdown is over, you can plan a movie with your loved one.

We understand how hard it might be to see things falling apart, but let’s not forget that after every dark night, the sun surely rises up. We all will rise together and stronger in this and will live our new lives like never before.