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Here is a Why You Should Not Throw Away Used Tea Bags

Here is a Why You Should Not Throw Away Used Tea Bags


We all love a good cup of hot tea. While everyone likes their tea in a certain way, the tea bags can do a lot more other than making your sleep disappear and providing you with a hot and tasteful beverage with your breakfast. Tea has a long history and is soaked in traditions from around across the world. This has made it one of the most intriguing topics over the past few decades.

Especially, being Indians, we have a lot of variants of our desi chai. This includes adrak chai, masala chai, cutting chai, kadak chai, elaichi chai, kawa, tulsi chai, saunf chai, and ginger chai. And I am sure you have your own favourite among all these variants and flavours. And why not! Indians are the largest consumer and the second largest producer of tea in the world.

With such mammoth amount of tea, we should probably find new ways to use and even re-use it. So, the next time you are preparing yourself a cup of tea, you should consider keeping the tea bags aside to re-use them that can be both productive and fun. Here are a few reasons that make used tea bags one of the best things for your little garden:

Accelerate the Germination Process

Germinating Seeds

Even used tea bags are full of magical stuff that can accelerate and improve the germination process of your seedlings. This is because most of the people would love to create a kitchen garden but even after all the love and care, some of the seedlings just don’t germinate. But we advise you not to give up on your little creation so soon. There is a great way to promote the germination process and ensure that your kitchen garden turns into a flourishing green space. All you need to do is dig a small hole in your planters, bury used tea bags in the soil and wait for the magic to happen.

Extra Nutrients for Your Saplings

Plant Nutrients

By burying used tea bags into your garden, you will be able to give your plants and saplings that extra nutrition that can help them grow. Since tea leaves are known to have tannin and other nutrients, a used bag can also act as a natural fertilizer that can ensure all your plants grow well and healthy. Other than this, tea bags are usually fabricated from fibres that are derived from the abaca plant which is a type of a banana plant. This makes it quite easy and the tea bag gets dissolved in the soil completely. This, in turn, creates a great condition for all your plants to grow and nurture.

Keeps Vermin Away

natural pesticides

Well, the last thing that you would want near your planters is vermin. And while you would have taken considerable measures to ensure that those pests stay away from you garden, you might find it a little difficult.  But used tea bags can help you steer clear of those bugs that can be quite harmful for your plants. Used tea bags and coffee grounds as well can help you in this situation. This is an effective way because the smell of tea and coffee seem to be quite unpleasant to such creatures. Thus, they avoid such places which keeps your plants safe from them.

If you have a green thumb, that these tips will help you in forming and preserving your kitchen garden. So, the next time you pour yourself a hot cup of tea, be sure to save that tea bag. This can be used in various other ways other than making you a beverage. You can preserve your tea bags until you have enough for your garden. Then, you can take sometime out for your garden on a Sunday afternoon to give it the nutrients it wants.

Also, please share some tips below. We are sure that it can help others build their own beautiful kitchen garden or plant a few saplings.