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Screen Time V/s Green Time – Geekmonkey

India has the second largest internet users after China. Teen’s continuous, incessant and relentless gadgets and screen usage is on the verge of being addicted. It has become a huge problem for the parents and teens themselves.

Given the current quarantine and lock down, beware of the time you tend to spend on your gadgets and gizmos and the sites and activities that you are engaging online. It is not always safe place. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Excessive usage of screen time can result in symptoms such as dysfunctional daily schedule, lack of routine, anxiety, depression, dishonesty, mood swings, fear of boredom with routine tasks,agitation and procrastination.

Lack of inadequate sleep is enough to create sleep deprivation cause to laziness, irritability, fatigue, forgetfulness, lack of appetite and depressed mood. If it is so, then, why don’t we give a little bit slack to this way of life? Can’t we go green in and around our surroundings to get relax?. It is smarter to take five minutes break and take a look at some green live or artificial plants or anything green in shading.

Trust me it makes difference.Green shade has great healing power. It is most relaxing color for human eyes, it improve the vision, relax the brain and even it has power to alter your thinking too. Further, if you add Yoga and Meditation to it, certainly you are going to get miraculous results.

Meditation in greenery gives you immense energy. It will revitalize you, rejuvenate you and refresh you completely. Making a perfect balance between Green time and Screen time is need of hours. And this the perfect way of living in current Lock down situations.