4 special gifts for any occasion

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, the world is one family. Yes indeed, and we Indians are pretty serious about it. Our cultural canvas speaks loudly and that is how we have also been brought up. The biological and social bonds are deep-rooted in our character. We certainly believe in strong relationships; relationships amongst blood, amongst friends, within the neighbourhood, amongst colleagues, within the community etc. We do not need a reason to build a family. It builds by default. And, that is where the usefulness of occasions comes in. But, do not worry, as you can pick special gifts for any occasion while surfing through our website.

But in the present times, when life is passing us at a very fast pace, it becomes difficult maintaining relations built over years, decades and generations. We tend to lose them because of our professional commitments and urges. It seems like our social values, our culture is slowly drifting away from our character, our family is breaking down.

Not anymore. Geekmonkey brings to you an inexhaustible range of classy and trending gift items for your family, friends, loved ones, for each member of your Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Whatever your relation, whatever the occasion, we have special gifts for any occasion to show your love, affection and appreciation. A special gift to remind you of the moments, a gift all will cherish for life. And they are pocket friendly too.

Some of our range is showcased as under for your reference. Visit our range and/or place your valuable orders on geekmonkey.in. 

1. Magical Love – 3D Illusion Lamp

A very modern piece of memento, you would like to gift to your near and dear ones. This 3D LED lamp certainly creates an illusion of a mid-air artwork. The warm glow lights oozing out of the frame gives you a feeling of warmth and comfort by your bedside. Just light it up and relax. A memento that can be gifted on any occasion and to anyone, as it comes in two shapes.

Cool round-shaped lamp for those tech-savvy friends of yours who are profoundly involved and interested in latest gadgets and the other romantically inclined heart-shaped lamp for that very special person in your life.

2. Timeless Love – Dadu Dadi Figurine

Having grandparents is a blessing. But having your grand-parents as an integral part of your immediate family members is simply divine. Not a single soul in the entire universe can deny this fact that these beings are not only wonderful but full of immense love and affection towards their grandchildren.

If you are one of those lucky souls who are experiencing the warmth and love of your grand-parents, this Dadu Dadi Figurine memento is just an ideal gift for them. Your grand-parents have reached this stage in their journey of life solely on the basis of the love they have for each other. And what better way to express your affection for them through this romantic piece of timeless love. Go grab one for your seniors and tell them how much you adore their love for each other. Create a moment for them. This is indeed one of the special gifts for any occasion.

3. Globe Shaped Liquid Dispenser 

Indeed a beautiful piece of workmanship and art. What an innovative way to depict mother earth. Like the Earth, the epitome of life, this unique piece of memento will always remind its user how the blue planet, the earth has delivered and sustained life unconditionally over millions of years. This expressive piece of fact and fiction is a sure gift item for those whom you love, for those who appreciate beauty and wisdom.

Decorate this special gift or use it wherever you want to. Inside your home during parties, or you can even flaunt it on picnics and social outings. It is surely going to rock. 

Dispense water, juices, cocktails, mocktails, hard drinks, whatever. The list is endless. You can check out more birthday gifts on our website.

4. Travel Sojourns – Scratch World Map 

Travel whenever you can and you must. And if already a traveller, then this travel sojourn, the scratch world map is just the right piece of item to cherish travel memoirs. This scratch map is just as unconventional as the person in you. It is simply an ideal way to record your trotting experiences. Colour up your travel rendezvous. Just scratch the map and explore the hidden world.

Choose from two different available sizes. Choose whether you would like the map as your companion or would you decorate your table or wall with it. And if you plan to gift it to friends, order for more. Since this week is of special gifts for any occasion, grab that special gift that you’d want your special one to have and get going.

The bottom line

We do end up buying gifts that our loved ones will love, but at the same time, the biggest thing we think about is the accessibility of them along with the pricing. Well, that’s not the case when you’re selecting such gifts on Geek Monkey. Moreover, you can take your loved ones for a movie when the nation-wide lockdown is over.