Science, Corona & Insensitivity

Science, Insensitivity And Corona

       Some incidents shocked me,shudder me and shook me   from the inside when I came to know about aggression, protest and boycott by local people on the last rites of health professionals who got infected and died while treating and curing  the corona infected patients at  some certain places . Even earlier this very month there was a news aired, the dead body of corona infected patients was not accepted by the family members, and they were cremated just like unclaimed dead body. In such upsetting scenario what was the massage of clapping and banging of kitchen utensils  on the PM appeal. This was crystal clear that we had  to boost the morale of those who are frontline  warrior at this crises.

     Ironically, we are living in most convenient and comfortable era . We are flooded with highly advance and state of the art technology, just because of science and technology. We are leading towards  Artificial intelligence. Within 15 -20 years there would be rare mannual job, almost everything  will be done by either computers or robots. But will these high tech machinery evolve our sensitivity? Shall we able to produce more humane and caring people?  The answer is, absolutely not.

It is okay if we do not go to moon, there is no real need to go there.Humanity may no much benefit by approaching the moon. It is also not necessarily to fathom the depth of five miles in Pacific Ocean, where even sunrays don’t is also not necessary that we split atom and know about it.  But one thing that is absolutely necessary most of all to improve the quality of human being. The future of this cosmos, this planet depends on which kind of human beings we make. Certainly Corona has shown us a glance that if we don’t stand together for such invisible enemy, the end is no far. There is the only question of inclusiveness.