Best international locations to travel with your partner

Traveling and visiting places is a blessing in disguise of fun and learning. Visiting different places and meeting a variety of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds broadens our horizons and leads to an evolution of our self. Traveling into the natural and exotic locations across the canvas of our beautiful planet, we not only experience a different life but also connect with nature deep within. This connection and experience evolve each being into a better person. And if you have a partner/spouse to accompany you on your conquest, the experience multiplies manifold. So, how about you travel with your partner to some of the best international locations.

“Wanna Evolve; Travel”.


Travel if you want to break free;

Travel if you are a dreamer;

Travel if you want to experience life;

Travel if you want to refresh your soul;

Whatever the reason, travel.

God has gifted you with a pair of legs, use them, conquer yourself.

It’d be better if you do it with your partner and surprise her with the best international locations.

Surprise your partner on their birthday with a surprise international trip

So what are you waiting for? Plan your travel, pack your bags, and go. To help you out with your travel plans, listed as under is an advisory of must-visit places, absolutely free of charge.

1. Venice, Italy

best international locations

From across the globe, the majority of lovers turn towards only one location, undoubtedly Venice. No other destination can even be compared with Venice when we talk about romance. This love city spreads over more than 100 islands, including Murano, Burano, Venice Lagoon, the Lido, the list is endless. The city canvas, the landscape is nothing less than spectacular and mesmerizing. While exploring the city, you get a feeling of living through painting.

This place has no roads, just canals, and narrow lanes. It’s a rich culture, museums, churches, and artistic structures will leave you spellbound while you travel with your partner. Venice, certainly will “take your breath away”.

Just outside the city is a long stretch of golden sand, where you can stroll down hand in hand with your love. A walk that will be cherished for life.

What less to expect from a lover’s paradise? It is one of the best international locations.

2. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud is another destination for lovers, but with a difference. It has an artistic spread, having a perfect balance of art and creativity. One more thing that will remind you for a long time is it’s delicious and healthy Balinese cuisine. Ubud, located uplands in Bali, is also a center for traditional handicrafts and culture.

Break free into the interiors of this cultural landscape, rent a scooter, and ride around exploring terraced rice fields, temples, and shrines. Discover beauty in its natural form and feel lost in the Balinese culture. Enjoy the peace and soul-stirring quietness at a stay near the lush jungle that surrounds you. Experience togetherness, rejuvenate.

But beware; your holiday can quickly turn into a vacation when you travel with your partner. Only an emergency will force you to leave Ubud, be assured.

3. The Maldives

best international locations

The Maldives, also known as one of the most romantic archipelagos, is a nation comprising of over 1000 islands in the Indian Ocean. The country’s uniqueness has always mesmerized its visitors. This place is not only beautiful above waters, but also offers a breathtaking world underwater as well. It is home to one of the most significant parts of the planet’s reefs. The amazing and colorful life of the reefs is equally contributed by soft and hard corals that form them. It is home to thousands of species of fish and whale sharks. Thanks to vibrant nutrients available in its reefs.

During the day, enjoy diving and/or snorkeling. Enjoy the evening over your favorite drink while witnessing a wonderful sunset—a picturesque experience.

If you have visited the Maldives with your spouse on a romantic holiday, rest assured, you will also fall in love with the colorful world under the ground. Isn’t it one of the best international locations.

4. Sri Lanka

Another feather in the Indian Ocean’s cap.

Sri Lanka may remind you of golden beaches, cloudy mountains, waterfalls, tea plantations, and breezy palm trees. But those who visit this island for a tropical experience stay for the food. Sri Lankan food, full of aromatic spices and vibrant color, satiates your taste buds, leaves you happy and content. It can also be called a foodies destination and the best when you travel with your partner.

But make no mistake. It offers much more. It is wild yet scenic, can boast of having one of the highest rates of biological endemism in the world, whether in plants or animals. It is full of thrills and festivities and offers a rich heritage and pristine environment.

Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for tourists and food enthusiasts because of its multi-cultural nature. Its cuisine is a culmination of various food items from the diverse cultures in the country.

If you haven’t visited Sri Lanka, you are missing an experience. Book your tickets now.