How can you surprise your friends on birthdays?

Birthday can undoubtedly be called the best day, every year, lifelong. Not that you were born this day, but because you will be made to feel very special. It’s a day when you will be made to feel on top of the world, a day when you will be pampered like a king or a queen with a surprise gift. As a friend, it is your responsibility to surprise your friends on birthdays.

You could also have anniversary or festivals as special occasions during the year, but a birthday is the only day, and a special one at that, where you will be the focal point. It is a day where all your near and dear ones revolve around you with all their love and affection like the planets do around the sun. You are their sunny-soul. And, who better than your friends to make you feel so very elated this day. Friends are indeed the best-extended family one can have. So when it’s a friend’s birthday, friends have to go hysterically overboard to celebrate the day as an occasion of a lifetime. You can either plan an outing or surprise them with a surprise gift.

Need ideas for your friend’s occasion? Just have a look below.

1. Arrange a midnight surprise

Nothing comes closer to a surprise for your friend on this special day. Surprises may come in various forms but wishing your friend in person and at that very moment when the date changes, takes the cake. No surprise can be more loving and mesmerising as this one. A friend being showered upon with love and birthday wishes, in person by friends, exactly at midnight, certainly qualifies as the most surprising way to wish your friend on his/her birthday.

And, if one or a few cannot be available in person, use the technology to surprise your friends on birthdays. Remember, this will be the best of all ways to shower your friendship, and which will always be cherished for the whole life. Surely, it is a way to surprise a friend, and certainly a way to cement relations.

2. Treat your birthday friend to a cuisine

Although it is customary to take a treat from your friend on his/her birthday, you can just go the reversal way. Treat your friend to a cuisine. It adds on to the midnight surprise that you have already given. Be assured that this will leave your friend spell-bound. This reversal gesture will treat you to an emotional outburst of your friend. An outburst of thanksgiving and belongingness is the way to go.

This is something that your friend could never have expected. Just barge into your friend’s place unannounced and surprise him/her with a special lunch treat, packed from his/her favourite restaurant as a surprise gift.

If you can cook well, then go ahead and cook some delicious dishes for your friend. Invite your friend over to your place for the treat. Do not forget your friend’s favourite chocolates or sweets.

3. Arrange an evening of fun for your birthday friend

If your friend is a moviegoer or likes to dine out, arrange another surprise for your dearest buddy. Buy two movie tickets for your friend. The second one you know for whom. Choose any movie that is running. Again you know why. Who will be watching it anyway?

Book a table for two after the movie, at your friend’s favourite restaurant. Pre-order the cuisines that your friend enjoys. Spare your friend from the burden of choosing the menu. Your friend should be pampered and allowed to have an evening of fun with his/her partner or spouse.

Do not forget the CAKE, and two roses along with some apparel and accessories from Geek Monkey, of course.

4. One in a million Photo Frame

Quite often, we tend to freeze the memories spent with our loved ones, and especially friends, for that matter. One in a million mosaic photo frames by Geek Monkey is one of the best options you could think of. You can surprise your friends on birthdays by presenting them this mosaic frame.

The mosaic frame, for that matter, puts all your memories at one place and creates a beautiful image out of them. You can send all the pictures while placing your order itself. This frame can be used in the drawing-room and for decor purposes or can simply go on the walls of your friend’s bedroom. Moreover, the frame can hold 20 to 30 pictures to create one beautiful image and is made of satin silk paper and comes with a PVC frame. It is the perfect surprise gift for the friends you have in your life. So, do not waste this valuable time.

5. Thug Life Glasses

We have always been in a situation where you have cracked a hilarious joke and expect the funny glasses to sit right on your eyes. Well, we might have the perfect gift for you to surprise your friends on birthdays. Isn’t it fascinating when you think of giving a gift like these glasses to a friend with a funny bone?

Moreover, it is a pixel designed glass that warns everyone with the incoming smartness. Do you want to blend in and gift something that would be perfect with these glasses? Gift your friend an amazing quirky gun.