What to do for entertainment during a lockdown?

Just a few days ago, we were complaining about the fast-paced life, when we did not have time to follow our passion and explore our inner self. Moreover, we were not prepared for any sort of entertainment during a lockdown.

Now is the time to do the undone. Watch your favorite programs and movies, vent out by playing your favorite games, pen down your creativity, bring out the artist in you, explore avenues incorporating DIY methods, connect, meditate and rejuvenate. The list is endless, so is your mind.

Some people are working remotely from home and spending quality time with their loved ones as well. Some have resorted to various household activities. The world has changed a lot after the COVID-19 outbreak. It has made us realize that we need to rejuvenate ourselves periodically because we have to live daily.

Highlighted under are some of the fun ways we have tried to bring to you during the lockdown phase. We urge you to explore your unexplored persona and stay entertained at the same time.

1. Prepare an activity zone in one of the rooms of your home.

Converting an area into an activity/gaming zone is an idea worth a kill. Many of us would have thought about it in the past, now is the time to do it. Install all available resources that are needed; TV, Music System, Gaming Console, DTH, Computer/Laptop, whatever that is at your disposal. Embrace togetherness with inexhaustible entertainment. Decorate your room with amazing home decor gifts that have been piling up in your storage.  Play, watch, surf, DIY, and whatever else you can think about, do it. And yes, do not forget to keep handy your favorite drinks and snacks. You’ll love whatever you do.

2. Play Games as you never did before.

We have all grown up playing games in school, at the stadiums, at the clubs, sports complexes, both indoors and outdoors for entertainment. Time to go back, in time. Bring out the lost kid in you. Download the latest games on your Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Watch, play, involve, and learn while you still can. Moreover, bring out all the indoor games that have been collecting dust on your shelves and in your cupboards. You can also go for the available online games of your choice. 

3. Explore the artist in you.

The feeling of not being creative is just a mindset. Every soul is unique in its own way, so are you. Kill that prejudice, and try out something extraordinary. Write, paint, create, do whatever that comes to your mind. Challenge your soul, explore the hidden artist in you.

Just remember that the winners were who tried it against all odds and the losers had excuses. It is all in the mind. And, the mind can move mountains. It is never too late to try a new set of skills.

4. Exercise and Meditate

In this fast-paced world, almost all of us have forgotten our best friend – our body. We took it for granted assuming that it’s always at our disposal. We have all been making considerable and continuous mistakes. This lockdown has given us a chance for some payback against an unhealthy lifestyle through exercises, meditation, and yoga. Make the most of these precious moments, go through online work-out options and burn out. Because fitness is the best companion in your journey of life.

Meditate and detoxify your body. Meditation is the most vital path to lead you to inner peace. If you are at peace with yourself, you will enjoy life to its fullest. All you have to do is, do it daily, without failing to do it.

5. Entertain yourself with cooking

Time is never a constraint during the lockdown period. With sufficient time at hand, you can also learn the art of cooking. During quarantine, you can learn to cook sumptuous feasts, bake awesome bread and cakes, try your hands at mouthwatering salads, prepare delicious mock-tails and many other delicacies. You may start the kitchen activity with difficulty but believe it, cooking is an art that not only nourishes your soul but also leaves behind a sense of satisfaction with every activity performed. Cooking good food not only caters to your hunger but also inculcates a sense of balance that is required in all of us.

6. Build better relations with seniors in the family.

Ever wondered what was being ignored by all of us because of our hectic schedule and professional commitments, our family, especially our seniors. You may think as to how does building better relations fall in the category of entertainment. Remember that each being is unique, and has different stories to share. Your elders in the family have a lot to teach you, which you carry forward for your younger ones. Some of the seniors in your family might have been a part of several ups and downs, may have had their moments in their lives. Isn’t it amazing connecting with them, hearing them out, penning their life, cherishing their experiences? The sky is the limit with them around. And, last but not the least, the wisdom that you can gain in their company is immense and unprecedented.

And lastly

Whatever you plan to do during this quarantine period, do it fast. Don’t waste these valuable moments of self-exploration, self-learning, and fun.