Light and Lamps for Diwali

Let There be Light – Glam up your Room with Cool Lights

A well-chosen beautiful lighting feature can accentuate any room and set the mood right. We bring you our personal favourite room décor ideas from all over the internet, featuring lamps and lights that you can easily buy at Geekmonkey.

Clip Lights:

There are some rules to remember when you enter college:

    • Always carry a large suitcase (so that you can carry back all your laundry home for washing).
    • A lot of pictures of your family and friends (college life is hard, and we are not judging)
    • As many fairy lights as you can find (to make hostel rooms liveable again)


Personal Say – fairy lights will make their way into your room at one point or the other, so why not start prepping now. We found this set of cool light clips which will also hold your pictures together and make the room glow with memories.

The laundry part is the only thing you must worry about now. Isn’t that cool?

clip led light


Neon Love Light:

Neon signs have found their way into our homes finally. These come in variety of shapes and sizes and add a “look -at-me” vibe into the form of colorful quotes. The love sign is one of our favorite neon quotes. Available in bright pink and yellow, this one adorns the walls and states what rules the land – LOVE.

Combine it with our neon signs or use it alone, love will conquer all. Instagrammers – are you thinking what we are thinking?

love neon light


LED Firework Hanging:

This one is sure to light up more than just rooms – it will brighten your mood with its twinkling LEDs. This one is a beautiful item, looks like a firework exploding in all its glory, except that it does not get over in a flash.

In our view, this one is not for Diwali or Christmas alone, you may use it to spruce up your house décor for parties or romantic dinners. If you call this a festive light, how do you decorate for rest of the year?

Firework Explosion Style Light


Light Up Message Box:

Lightboxes instill a sense of the 90’s into our homes and make a classy style statement. These light boxes come with multiple letters and emojis so that you can coin up necessary phrases like a reminder of how much you love your bae or ensuring there are enough liquids in the house and announcing the arrival of your little munchkin. There are a few things a light box cannot do and one of them is keeping a secret. Available in varied sizes, these light boxes come in black and white and colored font variants.

LED Message Box


Cute Brontosaurus Lamp

A soft light is an essential kids’ bedroom item, irrespective of their age. Whether they like to keep It on for the fear of sleeping alone or you just need to prevent them from tripping as they tread hazily in their sleep, a night light is multi-purpose. We found this cute brontosaurus as it can frighten away all the naughty monsters from their room. And we all adore dinos, don’t we?



Heart LED Pocket Lamp:

Imagine you are fully prepared for an occasion and things are going as planned. Suddenly there is an emergency – no lights! Yikes! It does sound like a nightmare – having to live with no light or the brightest possible halogen spoils the mood like no other. We found a solution to this crisis in the form of portable pocket heart LED lights. Just flip the heart up to turn them on. The soft red light emitted by these tiny hearts will fill the room and your heart with love.

Heart Shape lamp


So, if you are looking for gifts for the couch potatoes in your life, a tap lamp can really get them tapping their feet and clapping their hands. After all that’s the only exercise they might be getting in a day, what say?

Tap Lamp:

Sound Activated: Decorating a bachelor pad for your bae is not an easy task. No soft lights, pink lights will fit in the “out of a fight-club” kind of décor. This amazing tap shaped lamp is a perfect décor for a guy’s room due to its unique ability to react to sound. When set on the auto mode, the tap light switches on and off as it hears clapping sounds.

Tap lamp


Pawsome Puppy – Night Light:

A puppy fills our lives with joy and awesomeness – and we prefer calling it paw-someness. Hence this Pawsome puppy night light is a perfect find for your dog-lover friends. Made of silicon, this cue puppy will fill in light in your rooms and lives at once. Gift it to your girlfriend and make sure you get all the hugs you deserve for this cute doggo.

dog silicon lamp

At Geekmonkey, we constantly strive to bring smiles to your faces. With a large collection of such lights and more, we provide unique gifts for all occasions.

** All Images Used in this article are picked Google and are shared by people across the world.

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