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How you can earn money while working from HOME?

In such a fast-paced world where people are doing regular jobs, a lot of housewives and students have opted to work from home. Not only does this give them a sense of belongingness but it also keeps their creativity and productivity pouring out. While creativity may depend on the nature of work, their productivity goes more than 100%.


At times women who are housewives do not have many things to do in terms of part-time work and regular jobs. Either they are caught in the pool of responsibilities or they fail to get a good amount of support from the family. This results in keeping them low and out of work. But these days, we have seen a transforming change in the world of part-time jobs. Women these days have entered this sector and have started working innovatively. Some are giving online courses while the others have opted to take an online course and make use of it in their home businesses.


One business that most of the women and students forget about is – making simple gift items and selling online through online businesses. Not only does such a nature of work land you money but also keeps everyone involved in it busy and productive. Through such a way, women can stay at home, work and spend more and more time with their respective families. Even many online surveys have suggested that more mothers have been searching for part-time jobs on online platforms. This gives a clear indication that they want to work from home and spend quality time with their loved ones. As there are a lot of resources available at home, one does not need to invest so much of money into the work.


Why choose part-time work?


Knowing the current status of Indian women and students, both of them want to be self-dependent. The highlighted reason behind such a move can be making the right use of their spare time, and why not? In such times, where corporate houses are reducing their manpower, it becomes slightly difficult to run at the same pace. If we keep reading about this, we will get to know a lot of factors such as unemployment and economic surge have kept people from going in for regular jobs.


Some may say that with the economic surge, sustenance becomes difficult, as a result of which both husband and wife have to work. Another way to look at working part-time is to keep the creativity flowing and alive. And, to make sure this happens in the right way, women can choose to look for something online that demands no or less investment.


We all know, in most of the cases women are the innovative ones at home. They not only impose creativity in the work they do but they do it differently as well. That is the reason why committing to an online job at home without investment has taken place into the minds of women.


What can students do?


This is a very good prospect to read on at times. With students spending more time in universities, colleges and various courses, the scope of working part-time takes a back seat. There are a lot of things they have to work with, be it assignments, year-end examinations and so on. And, during such periods, either they have to save what they receive from their parents or do something online. We all know that students who are studying outside, in foreign countries do odd jobs like bartending, housekeeping to make their ends meet. But, with changing times and more online opportunities for students, it’s become easier if we compare it with what it used to be earlier.


These days, crafting so many things have become easier, as DIY has come into play. Students can choose to refer DIY videos and make innovative items and then sell them online to earn a buck for themselves. The biggest question lies on how one can start doing such things, and who will buy them in the first place. Well, with current online tools, it is so much easier to sell and promote the items. Let us study the tools and platforms through which you can sell these products and items.

earn money from home
earn money from home
  1. Facebook

Known as the biggest social media platform in the information age, Facebook has become a platform to sell and promote as well. Earlier it was there to only connect with people across the globe, but in recent years they have become more dynamic. So many features have started to come up on Facebook, which has made the life of all the freelancers, part-time seekers a bit easier. Now Facebook users can choose to promote their own products the way they want. There are ample of ways through which you can do all these things. And, to understand them better, we have written down the tools and ways for Facebook promotions and advertisements.


  • Local Groups: There are a lot of groups on Facebook that work socially and locally. You can search for them in the search bar of the platform and choose to join any group that suits your needs. Look for groups that have more members because more members mean more scope of making sales. Local groups help you in making contacts and letting people know about what you are up to.
  • Facebook Page: When we talk about building a page that is completely dedicated to your products or items, a Facebook Page is the perfect choice. You can either choose to sell items individually or opt for a page, where you can build traffic and audience to later sell. Through such a page, your workload will get easier, as you only have to keep building a local audience. It does not end there, you can also invite people from different cities and places to be a part of your page. This is actually a much more effective way to mainstream your work and let the items do the talking.
  • Boost Sellable Goods: Investing is a great way of inviting quick returns on Facebook. With the policy that the platform has for paid promotions, it guarantees audience reach in good numbers. It also gives you space to manage your own budget through which the numbers of reach will be determined. Boosting the item that you want to sell is a great idea. So, do not worry as it is Facebook and its policies that make it easier for you to work around.


  1. Instagram


Instagram is another social media platform that allows you to post various things. But, only in the forms of a story that runs for 15 seconds in a single slide and picture posts with captions and hashtags. Instagram with its updated algorithms, work majorly on hashtags, regular posts and Insta stories. So, as a woman or student, if you want to work around this platform, all you have to do is, be updated with Insta’s latest algorithms. Selecting the best and popular hashtags does the trick, as hashtags help in landing your more eyes. It is an easy way to sit and earn at home. To understand this platform effectively, let us go through the tools and ways given below:


  • Hashtags: If you are not aware of the hashtag game on Instagram, then the first thing you need to work with is the credibility of every single hashtag. You can use 30 hashtags maximum, so whenever you select each one of them, check its reach per Insta user.
  • Posts: Pictures play a huge role in determining the reach of your item. Good pictures with good captions simply mean good engagement with the audience. People on this platform look forward to good content in terms of the post you are sharing. So, it needs to be perfect in every way before you promote it.
  • Stories: People usually capture pictures and short videos in the moment and then share them with good captions on stories. Through such a way, you can click good angles of your crafted products and share them on stories with a single hashtag and your location. Through this way, the people in the specific location would be able to see what’s there.
  • Swipe Up: On stories, you might have come across the swipe up section at the bottom of some Insta stories. That option either takes you to a website or a video link. If you have made a video or are promoting your products on your own website, there are 2 ways. You can make a short 15 seconds video and then direct it in such a way that you indulge the audience on swiping up. By such a way, you are broadening the horizons of the number of sales and reach.


  1. WhatsApp
earn money from home
earn money from home

We all know what WhatsApp is, but we might not know the hidden tools and features it might offer you. While people use this platform to talk with people all around the world, ones who are working part-time can promote their products and items. Women, students and men who rely on selling gift items for companies often look for different platforms to make their numbers. To understand all the things that a part-timer can do on WhatsApp to reach out to people, we have mentioned a few ways for you.


  • Groups: There are a lot of people who work through WhatsApp groups. What you can do is, either make your own group and invite people to join or can join one of these groups. Make sure, you join groups where people only sell and buy such products and items. These groups not only allow you to let everyone know about what you are selling, but also lets you make useful contacts.
  • Broadcast: Another important tool on WhatsApp is the broadcasting list. If you are not comfortable in making a group on the platform, you can always choose to broadcast the message. You must be thinking how is that done? Well, what you have to do is, make a broadcast list and then add in people you want to send the message to. Once the list is prepared, you can simply attach the image with text in the list, and it will reach everyone. With the help of a broadcast list, you do not have to go after every contact and send them your message individually.
  • Business Profile: This is a whole new WhatsApp App for business users. You can simply download the app and create a business profile with the name you have in your mind. Once that’s done, you can edit the business settings. This App is completely different from the primary/personal WhatsApp App. So, in this App if someone contacts you and you are away, it will automatically send them a message. But, for that you have to prepare short messages from potential queries and existing customers.


Collaborate with Geek Monkey Today


You must be thinking What’s Geek Monkey is and why collaborate with them? Well, they present an extensive collection of all forms of gifts for you to express to your loved ones. Geek Monkey tends to give birth to innovative thinking to every gift in order to make them unique and surprising. Whether you are gifting something to your parents, siblings or your husband/wife, they have everything sorted for you. With unprecedented emotions flowing through their products and items, you can collaborate with them today and earn crucial bucks in no time.

They have come up with a program that promotes people to work and earn from home. Not only does it allow the housewives, homemakers and students to work with Geek Monkey, but it also promotes the idea of contributing.

How can you earn?

When you get an opportunity to express affection and love, do not leave. Not when you already have the tools and creativity. Working in collaboration with Geek Monkey allows you to earn 15% for every purchase. Whenever a consumer makes a purchase of the item you sent to Geek Monkey, they will credit you with a set percentage. Doesn’t it excite you much? All you have to do is match the guidelines for the product you craft for them and the rest of it is their job.

Remember, under this, the average price per order will be INR 1000 before you get credited with 15% of the share. There are all the chances of you getting lucky in every department. If the user is able to sell around 4 orders per day, the monthly sale of the product will reach 1 Lakh. If you do the simple mathematics, you will end up earning INR 20000 in a month. All you have to do is promote the product that you have delivered to them through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many other platforms.

If you go on and make a sale of more than 1 Lakh, then an appealing surprise awaits you. Geek Monkey will increase the share of 15% to 20%. Isn’t that just great? With an exciting range of gifts, online tools to promote them followed by Geek Monkey’s platform surely do the work for you. We all know there is no limit to earning money. So, do not go anywhere but work from home, promote your work and get paid for that in no time. That is the power of social media platforms and their tools to sell and build businesses.


A Win-Win Situation


When you work towards yourself, be it by staying at home or spending time with your family, you gain experience. You must be thinking of how an individual can gain experience with such a routine or process. Well, crafting can be done at any given time. Painting mugs, making jewelry, greeting cards and other personalized items do not require a specific place or allocated time.


Such a way to work makes you earn additional income but more importantly, it makes you build so many contacts in the process. So before, you think of such an idea, get to know all the platforms on which you can promote. If you are a housewife, study online or as around about the tools that can help you in any given way. And, once you are done, do not hesitate in investing your time towards doing part-time work.


It is not only important for women or students to look for such ways to earn money, but it also keeps them busy. Why is it a successful way? Because, it does not require capital investment. All you have to do is buy mugs, if you are painting them and selling, or buy cards and jewelry if you are planning to work on them. Such is the ease with which you can easily make ends meet and be a financial resource for your family members. Through all the ways that you practice within such a field ends you up in a win-win situation.


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What is Geekmonkey Influencer Program?

A marketing program where you influence your followers to shop a gift item and in return get a commission of the amount they spend with us.

Is Geekmonkey Influencer Program related to reselling?

No, Reselling is done above the MRP and we are not going to charge our customer any extra amount. For reselling you must know about the product and people do not trust resellers easily. But with Geekmonkey you just need to share URL and all inquiries and shipping overhead will be handled by Geekmonkey only.

What is the minimum order will have to place to earn the commission?

There is no minimum target. if you are able to sell a single product then also you will get payment for that.

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