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In India, we love to celebrate happiness in every form. Highly spirited in bringing out each moment as a gala one, we never fail to express it without a joyous bash.  With its diverse and rich cultures, where everything is so extravagant and magnificent, people come together to celebrate the bondage that they share.  Amidst all this is the one common thing that we share, an appreciation of the people around us who made every occasion worth celebrating. Gifting in India now became easy and affordable.

For the ones who add this charm to our lives, a small token of love is what we ought to present them with. While in India when we have enormous festivities from baby shower to Raksha bandhan, house warming to a marriage ceremony there’s hustle in our minds for that apt gift to be presented on the auspicious occasion.

Tough to figure out, eh? Also you want to make it count for them? Wait! What!? Someone’s out for your rescue mission. is the destination you have been looking for. There’s just the perfect collection you wanted. Quirky and  cool, elegant and beautiful, everything to fit in for the myriad occasions that we have. Check out a few mentioned below and you are pretty sure to hop in at our site after this.

  1. Customized products

    – be it a uniquely designed string art or the very special personalised portrait which has been created  precisely for the seeker, adds  the flavour of your strong bond in it. The thought behind the customized gifts, with the touch of creativity makes it just perfect for any occasion. This reflects through the wide smile on the face of the one receiving it. Check out what else  has customized for your favorite people.

    String art
    Personalized String Art
  2. Golden Metal planters(Pot Holders)

    – this suffices for the apt gift for a nature lover or the one who has unique taste for everything. There’s no particular season for a gift like this. Whether it’s a house warming gift or an anniversary present, it works out every time.

    Golden Metal Planter
    Golden Metal Planter
  3. Lights

    – One has surely unlocked the way to someone’s heart as they present them with these glittery items. A light up box showcasing a beautiful message, or a love shaped neon light and the show stopper LED voice control lights are truly mesmerising.  You tend to light up their rooms as well as their faces with these exclusive gifts.

    Tap Lamp
    Tap Lamp
  4. Audio books

    – Available in various formats of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, soothing bhajans and Quran Sharif, audio book is the most pious and thoughtful gift. Entailing divinity in each word dropping on our ears, it enlightens our minds with the truth of this universe. What else could one substitute this for a perfect gift?

    Bhakti Bhajan Vaani
    Bhakti Bhajan Vaani
  5. Magic Plant Piano cum Speaker 4 in 1

    – It’s truly a magical feel when you tap those plant leaves and hear the tunes of a piano. An elegant decor serving as a speaker too, is a masterpiece. Anyone who’s a music lover would be quite excited having received this unique gift.

    Smart Flower Pot
    Smart Flower Pot
  6. Greeting cards

    – The evergreen option to go with for any occasion. Imbibing a touch of simplicity it carries ultimate form of affection penned down in it. It’s the best way to speak your heart out to the people you love.
  7. Artsy Ganesha Statue

    – Lord Ganesha epitomises an auspicious beginning as per the Indian tradition. Shower your best wishes through this statue which would mean a lot to anybody who receives this. This not only symbolises your blessings for them but also your affection towards them.

  8. Custom jewellery – 
    This is something that women have loved to possess and unwrapping a gift like this brings a priceless smile on their faces. With all those trendy designs and stunning pieces, you are sure to impress her with your choice this time.


With a pinch of love and spice of variety there’s something unique about each of these gifts as is incorporated in the diverse cultures of India. To fit in every celebration of India’s rich tradition there’s a special gift to be presented as a token of love. To  not let this abundant love sublime, we ought to make the people around us feel special and show them how we are so lucky to have them with us.

Regardless of what’s inside the mystery box,  the very thought of being remembered and realizing  one’s importance in their lives has the potential to win hearts. A gift endures the cheerful times celebrated together and revives  those precious moments stamped vividly in the memory.

So why not extend this packet of happiness to your loved ones? Spread love and care, that’s what adds a meaning to our lives.

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