Father's Day Gift Ideas

7 unique and interesting Father’s Day gifts

7 unique and interesting Father’s Day gifts from Geekmonkey that Dad is sure to love

What’s constant in the world?….perhaps nothing except the eternal love that you share with your parents. A light always guided you, a belief always pushed you beyond your cognizance and a soft hand held yours whenever you stumbled. God bestowed you with Dad, a true form of blessing in disguise, the mere presence of whom makes all your worries turn into smile and those feeble steps turn into invincible strides.

There are rare moments when we find an opportunity to convey the unspoken love and respect we have for Dad. It’s Dad’s day and we know you would not let this one go wasted in articulating your emotions. With this in mind, every passing moment of yours is putting you in a deep dilemma of ‘how to do this?’. Putting an end to this rigmarole, we have these super fun gift ideas for your Dad, which is sure to touch his heart.

Here’s a list of some cool presents to be gifted on fathers’ day. Check out for there amazingly fantastic gifts on Geekmonkey.in . We know it’s important and we will make it up to the expectations.

1. Customized Photo with Message – Keychain

This adorable keychain is an indispensable thing as it has inscribed in it those soulful words with which none would ever want to get away with. Etched vividly, it has a beautifully customized picture, the very sight of which brings a smile on the face. An essential keepsake as well as a utility for your father, makes up for a sweet little gesture of yours on fathers’ day.

2. Geekmonkey Polaroid Camera Mug – Retro Camera

A distinctly featured mug for a movie fan who would love to add this to his collection and show off his cinema craze. If your Dad is one among those, this just fits into your list for a perfect gift on this fathers’ day. Not limiting to just this one, look up for various amazing options that suits his taste here at our site.

3. Office organizers-

Creative DIY Paper Desktop Storage Box or Mini – Cart Shaped Card Holder steal the look on office table.  A must have office utility, also a suitable present for fathers’ day as this compact holders not only provides a convenient workspace but also has a visual appeal. Every time your father witnesses his well structured and properly laid desk he would be reminded of your solicitude and affection towards him. So be ready for tight hugs from him this time.

4. Superhero Dad –

3D Pop up Greeting Card- High on spirits to pour out your feelings for your father who followed you like a shadow in every walk of your life, then this glittery greeting card is sure to brighten up his face. He left you wondering with his maneuver, the way he would sort out all the mishaps, he had a solution for every crap. A real super hero he is….isn’t it? Surprise your hero with this card bearing a beautiful message of yours this Fathers’ day.

5. Desk Foot Hammock-

Weary and tiresome days when someone has a tough time working for long hours, a desk foot hammock is the most wanted. Fathers, do they ever think of themselves? For the selfless being that he is, give him a touch of care and warmth through this small present. Let every working session be a comfortable experience for your father.

6. LED Tap Lamp Voice Controlled –

Add to the ambience of your Dad’s room this father’s day through this voice controlled LED lamp. Its soothing lighting and the control modes operating on voice will make him go gaga over these beautiful lamps. These florescent lamps are so endearing that anybody would like to possess them. You can also get one those classic styles available, they are no less appealing. Desined in various forms of a bird or a reindeer, these lamps are so attractive that no one could resist eyeing them. Look for these gorgeous pieces on geekmonkey.in, you’ll really have a tough time picking just one for your father.

7. Book Mark –

For your father who is an avid reader, the elegant bookmarks would surely appeal him. Recognising the child in him who would fancy his collection of bookmarks and is never too old to pursue his fantacies, a dad is sure to get emotional on this note. Geekmonkey has a huge range to choose from. The collection incorporates a techie delight in the form of bullet light bookmark serving as a light source as well. Little submarines and hippo bookmarks are too charming to miss out on..

8. Brooch-

The most handsome dad needs the most stylish brooch to complete his look. Standing apart in his fashion statements, he’ll like adding this accessory to his collection. Check out the variety at Geekmonkey, you are sure to hit some of the coolest ones.

The list is sure to fall short when it comes to find the most suitable gift for bestest dad in the world.

However a tiniest token is more than anything when it comes to feelings that it conveys. We are gifted for sure, being endowed with a father like him. In most profound sense, just a day won’t make up for the bliss that we really do possess. Yes he deserves a lot more! For a tech-savvy dad, you may visit the link here.

A small effort from us, a big smile on his face.  Can we miss out that millennium smile?  It’s an obvious NO.  Go ahead..put in the best you can, for your father.

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