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What do you get for retirement gifts?

There is an unrevealed fantasy that lies behind the door called “retirement” ,an unexplored part of life that’s awaiting your arrival. Yes!!! Retirement is a bliss and deserves on its part the applaud and cheering for the one who devoted a major part of life for a service. A souvenir made out of love is hard- won. Sometimes we get stuck when thinking what to get for someone who is retiring. Each moment at work was a blend of ups and downs. This is a point where you move ahead leaving an ever lasting impression in everyone’s mind. At this hour when these will turn into relishing memories, one ought to bring up the flavor through the token of appreciation and a symbol of remembrance. Spread out emotions through these wonderful ranges available at the Geekmonkey online store.

1 .Vintage Colorful Bus with Photo frame – Diving into the most treasured moments of the journey of life.

Looking back at what has been left behind makes the eyes glitter with tears of joy as one finds oneself reviving those gleeful moments spent with their friends , family or colleagues.

Lock your dear ones in a frame and have them saved forever. Present this lovely frame of emotions which has countless love stacked up. Let each moment of a precious journey count. Find this online on the site .

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2 .Metal anchor bookmark with tasselA reader would always want them!


Had been a fan of fiction, suspense and drama but hardly had time to turn the pages of the book! The curious reader within won’t keep off from those books for long now as they have their retirement approaching. Don’t miss out on gifting the ardent readers with these bookmarks .They’ll surely find it special when their love for books is recognized by someone. Also find a huge collection of various uniquely styled bookmarks at Geekmonkey to appreciate the love of reading.


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  1. Light up Message Box – Make them smile wide each time they see it.


Why not add some sparkles to post retirement days? With a heart – touching message on it, a light up message box is bound to illuminate their living rooms as well as their faces. All that love would surely reflect through those shining letters on the box. Cease your search for an apt gift for a retiree who’ll remain as close to your heart as this gift would be to him. Check out for different other sparkling lamps and lighting stuffs at the online store.

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  1. Car Back Seats Multi-functional Universal Pockets Storage Organizer Bag

For a traveler who never misses out on road trips, an organizer is the best present. With this at backseats, indulge into a carefree long drives and road trips and make ever lasting memories.

If they are ‘’GOT’’ and ‘’PUBG’’ fans, they would love the cool and exciting range of collectibles available at the Geekmonkey store. This place is an end to your hunt for super cool gifts and unique surprises .


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5 .Love shaped –neon light:

Express your sentiments, support and appreciation for your loved ones through this endearing piece of love. A big proportion of life has been devoted to a service which is worth adoration and the retirement day is a special day worthy of celebrating their endeavors. This embarks on their life a new venture. Wishing them a wonderful sail ahead with this unique art would mean the world to them. Light them up and add some sparkle to their life.

Retirement offers a golden chance to create invaluable and countless such moments where one can look back with admiration and look ahead with anticipation. A whole new experience lies out there. Also count in the special place of the holding force behind every walk of this wonderful journey.

Make even her feel all special throughout new beginnings with the fancy collection for her.

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There can never be a right occasion for making anybody feel special .Go ahead, grab the moment and present her with exciting collections that is available at Geekmonkey online store.


  1. Tiny message in a Bottle

    – Leave her dazzling with joy over those heartfelt messages.

A bouquet of beautiful flowers have always been an easy get-go for expressing one’s love, however those muted little flowers never did the talking for you! This time, don’t make it a casual one. Pour out the honest feelings and let her know how she’s the best thing happened to you. Engrave your true self on those tiny cards and present her along with the flowers. She’s your BAE after all!

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  1. Magic glow in dark bed sheets

Make it all cozy and fancy in her room. A magic- glow bed sheet completes the décor with a touch of love and care. Check out for colors and style that suits her in the latest collections at Geekmonkey. Everything in there is created with a blend of prudence and love.

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  1. Mini cart snack tray with air tight jars

This is a must have kitchen essential for a perfectionist like her. All unique in its style as well as a necessary article to flaunt her homemaking skills, this would definitely add dimensions to her sense of style of homemaking. Through this wonderful present you have certainly earned brownie points for yourself.

Leave not a single opportunity to show that you care! Gifting is, by all means to showcase your love, emotions and everything that means to you. Why not make them realize that…. Check out for all the exciting products available at Geekmonkey and add cheerful moments to this journey of life because life is meant to be celebrated in “style”…..


Mini Cart Snack Tray (With Air tight Jars)


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