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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Crush (Girl)

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Crush (Girl)


Have you ever experienced butterflies in your stomach at the mere mention of a name? Have you felt your heart miss a beat at a simple Hi or even a look?  If yes, then you have a massive crush on someone. And however impossible it may seem to be together, Valentines Day is a perfect time to express your feelings because only the heart can see rightly; what is essential, is invisible to the eye.

Crushes are difficult because although you can write books on them, you have no clue what they think of you. So, the gift must be thoughtful, and It must be a piece of your heart (not literally, duh!). A gift must subtly convey how well you know her, what do you feel about her, and how she is not just a friend for you like others. Below is a list of some carefully curated gifts:

  1. Customized String Art: Tug the strings of her heart with a fully customized string wall art. Go all out with the design and I love you in bold fonts or go for a subtle hint by telling her how she is a wonder woman for whom nothing is impossible. You can buy it here.

string art


  1. Reindeer Table Lamp: If she is a multi-tasker who can do anything anybody ever asks her, gift her this Reindeer table lamp and tell her it is inspired from her. The lamp looks cute, provides light when there is none, holds up her spectsand also her phone when she is trying to catch a flick. Plus it does not throw the big words at her face so just drop her a little hint, and let her keep guessing, he loves me… he loves me not! Buy it here.


  1. Desk Foot Hammock: Nothing says I Love you better than some care and affection. After all, Sejal would never fall in love with Harry if he had not helped her find the ring. So you go help her find some comfort in her desk job. Give her this fantastic foot hammock so that her feet get the feel of vacationing while he puts her mind to work. Buy it here.

Foot Hammock


  1. Designer Eye Mask with Cooling Gel Inserts: Its her eyes you love the most – They are deep, full of care and convey everything that she never told you about. You must gift her something to take care of her eyes. Whether you choose a furry piece or the one made with cooling inserts, that is upto you but those eyes are going to love you unconditionally. Buy them here.

  2. Rose Bracelet: Nothing spells love as roses do. But this is your crush, you cannot say it unless you are too sure. Go for a serene looking pearl bracelet with a studded rose. It spells out class for you like nothing else. If she catches the hint, go for an actual gold rose because well, she is yours now. Buy them here.



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