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This Valentine Unique Gift Ideas to woo your love

This Valentine Unique Gift Ideas to woo your love

When we say Valentine’s Day, what comes to your mind first? Well, romantic and love are the words that come to my mind. This is the day we express our love and gratitude. Chocolates and flowers are the other things that I associate with Valentine’s Day.

What’s so special about being in love?

Valentine is a special day for every couple. This day we celebrate the essence of love. Every couple in love is extremely excited about this day. All the shops and restaurants are decorated with flowers.

Do you know what the best thing about Valentine’s Day is?

Doing something special for your loved ones, making them feel loved. Every couple plans something unique and totally different for their special person. Making so many plans and going out with them is the best feeling. This day is to love and be loved. On this day, affection is shown by showering your loved ones with gifts and wishes.

Celebrated in thousands of countries across the world on 14th February every year, love matters the most above everything else. On this occasion giving gifts are a traditional way to express love to the loved ones.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Have you ever wondered why people from all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day as a symbol of love?

A very long time ago, maybe around third century AD lived a man named St. Valentine. Around that time, Emperor Claudius II had banned marriages all over this kingdom. He though married man are not good soldiers.

This led this churchman to marry couples in secret. Since marriages were banned, his efforts led to his prosecution.

When he was in jail, St. Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. On his prosecution day 14th February, he sends a love letter to her, saying goodbye.

Isn’t that romantic at the same time so sad?

Gifts for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. It is the perfect time to think what you are going to gift to your significant other. It’s the best opportunity to show your other half how much you love them. The best gifts are the one that brings smiles to your beloved face. Finding perfect gifts for them can be challenging. We always make an extra effort to find something special which represents the love that makes all the difference. Gifting your partner with chocolates, flowers and cards are the traditional part of celebrating valentine day.

Valentines Gifts ideas

To you, your Valentine is the most special person. Finding something special to give is not easy. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to think outside the box. You can give gift hampers containing items like jewellery, bathing kits, chocolates, candles, flowers, photo frames, key chains and personalized gifts items. This will certainly make them feel on the top of the world.

So, with my unique idea for gifts, don’t be limited to the gifts that you were giving before. Here I have made the list of best gifts for Valentine’s Day that you can give to your sweetheart apart from perfumes and watches.

  • Gifts idea for him

Choosing from a large number of gifts from shops or online could be exciting and exhausting. There are so many things to give, so many ideas running across your mind, on how to select the best gift for your boyfriend or husband. Let me make that simple for you.

  1. How about personalized keychain with written messages and photo carving on them? Everyone loves personalized gifts. Or keychain that symbolizes Pubg miniatures of the helmet, frying pans and backpack. Your Pubg lover boyfriend will definitely love this.
  2. You can also gift him with a pair of the miniature version of mini-me dolls. It’s more personal and unique. He will be speechless for all the creativity you have shown. This is the best gift for your husband, which will represent both of you as a couple and couple goals.
  3. If you are thinking about gifting grating cards then what’s better than 3D pop cards with warm wishes and greetings.


  • Gifts for her

Girls are hard to please. Finding unique gifts for them is the most difficult part. Every girl is different, their likings, their interest, their dreams and aspiration. Gifting her with something thoughtful needs your imagination. What you can give her to represent your love and defines her completely? What will bring a beautiful smile on her face? Dolls and stuffed animals are old school gifts now. Surprise her with something different. Here are the unique gift ideas for your girlfriend and wife. They are going to adore these gifts and your efforts.

  1. How about a cute collection of 3D mugs? This will surely brighten up her every morning. Girls love cute things, especially coffee mugs.
  2. What about rose ring boxes for every girl who loves jewellery and roses? You can also gift her earrings and pendant.
  3. If you want to gift something more specialised then you can go for personalised pillow cover for him and her.
  4. How about custom string art? You can personalise it with written messages and photos. The beautiful art piece will defiantly win her heart.
  5. Scented soaps are also a good and unique gift that you can give to your girlfriend or wife. Other bathing essentials consisting of scented soap, hairbrush, massager and a teddy, is a complete gift hamper she will love.
  6. If you want to keep it simple, then how about cute and warming 3D greeting cards? You can add photos and writes personal messages expressing your feeling in a sweet way.


Showing your love from small gesture is what matters the most. A simple act of giving can make your and their day the best Valentine this February.

I hope these tips will help you to find a perfect gift you’re your loved ones. The most important thing about Valentine’s Day is that we celebrate love and friendship. Understanding the real meaning of love and your relationship will help you choose the best gifts for Valentine.

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